Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

What's this about? It's " A monthly group blog of a light nature, simple easy topics :)" The group is made up of different people from different areas of life (so not just artists) and on the 20th of every month we'll write on the same topic and post (hopefully) at about the same time. Sounds like fun, yes?  Links to the participating members' blogs are listed at the end of this post.

March Blog-o-sphere Topic:  Superpowers.  If you could pick one to have, what would it be?

I would like to fly...

.....because I hate to fly.

Maybe I would choose wings instead of a cape.

.....And the ability to grow a MAGIC UNICORN HORN




Or maybe I'd just like to fly....

.....because I hate flying.

For more superpower insights, visit the other
participating member blogs:

Catherine Witherell
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh Hello. It's The Middle Of March

March comes in like a lion
and out like a yeti?

Oh hello.  I forgot I had a blog.  Well, not really.  Facebook and Instagram are just easier.  Fewer words and more pictures wins out when life and pottery get busy.

Apparently I'm neglecting FB a bit too since FB felt it necessary to send me this:

Post something on Barbara Donovan Pottery to
build more interest!

I'm liking Instagram, but I'm not sure it will ever be a marketing tool for the pots.  I forget the hashtags half the time unless there is a snark fest opportunity, and I probably post more photos of my bad dogs than I should.  Well...everybody else does too. I do post more work in progress pics on IG than on FB.  Anyways, if any of that interests you and you'd like to join in the hilarity, I can be found as barbaradonovanpottery.  It's a regretfully long choice of name I know,  but what's done is done and there it is.

Yup.  The basket file of shame.
I have to confess I'm starting to get the usual tax time angst.  Last year I signed up with Outright to get my pottery business better organized so tax time wouldn't be such a burden, but I haven't logged in once since then.  Nope...not one swinging time.  Still Outright (now Go Daddy Bookkeeping I think?) feels obligated to send me emails once a week to tell me now many dollars I'm losing and for that fail reminder, I'm indeed grateful.

Almost forgot - a little unfinished business:

(1) I said I'd post this receipt from the last very small fundraiser in December to the blog, but I only posted it on FB.....something about FB being easier or whatever but here it is:
Thanks again all y'all

(2)  Last Fall's stupefying glaze issues** were solved.  It was NOT the zinc oxide.  It was a dying kiln thermocouple allowing my kiln to fire my cone 5/6 glazes to cone 7 and beyond.
little bunny foo foo cone pack
Why it didn't occur to me to do the easiest thing first - make sure the kiln is firing to the correct temperature rather than fixate on convoluted theories about zinc and calcined zinc (and btw....there is only calcined zinc available these days), I can't explain except *derp*.
Note to self:  don't wait until your
thermocouple is black, crunchy, and
falling apart before you replace it.

(3)I'm sure there is more unfinished business but it's March, folks; Time to move on.

That about catches us up, and whew, I'm exhausted.  Let me just pretend I'm on Instagram and finish up with a slew of pottery photos.  Most of these and more will be added to the Etsy shop over the next week.
Odd creatures great and small
#woodlandanimals #antlers
I can't stop putting antlers
on things that shouldn't
have them.  #antlers

Wine cups.
This is my favorite one.  Drunk Bun.
He already has a forever home
on the west coast.
..And what do we have here:
omg.....spoon rests....the shame....

....and wee shot cups

Finally, it's time for your tiresome pet picture....
Outdoor kitty on the indoor couch.
Good thing she's not spoiled.
Alrighty then.  See y'all next time.

** Update Well, I was looking for the blog post I wrote last Fall about the couple of month long glaze issue and zinc oxide conspiracy to create a link, but it's gone or most likely, I never wrote it.  Must have been on Facebook.....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yet Another Very Small Fundraiser

Hey all.  It is time for another very small fundraiser.  I hadn't planned to do this now.  I wanted to relocate these very small fundraising events to the spring when studio life isn't so chaotic with the holidays, but it seems the devastating natural disasters of this world will not be scheduling themselves with my convenience in mind anytime soon....

....Case in point, the devastation in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan in early November.

I've made 7 small cups for the Etsy Shop with 100% of the $22 asking price going to Concern Worldwide and their relief efforts in the Philippines.  Concern Worldwide has a 4 star rating with Charity Navigator. 
Why only seven?  Well, not everything I made was
successful.  Imagine that.

The cups will remain on sale through Monday, December 16, or until they have all sold, whichever comes first.  Local folks can arrange pick up with me and have the shipping fees refunded.  I'll make the donation to Concern Worldwide at the conclusion of the sale and post the results here.  Left over cups will be relisted at $24 and added to regular shop inventory feeling all sad and dejected in the knowledge that nobody wanted them to benefit an important and worthy cause.

Don't wait.  No pushing and shoving.  GET THEM HERE.

UPDATE:  All the cups for the very small fundraiser have sold.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!I'll be posting the donation receipt next blog post.